Higher NYE Countdown_EVENTS
Higher NYE Countdow...
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Higher NYE Countdown_EVENTS

Higher NYE Countdown
Dec 17(mon) at TRUMP ROOM Shibuya

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WHITE RABBITが主催する年末年始のカウントダウンパーティ、「Higher NYE Countdown」。


Come countdown to 2019 with WHITE RABBIT at the OFFICIAL TRUMP ROOM NYE EVENT!

HIGHER is all about the music, focusing on bringing you the best TECHNO, TRAP, and HIP HOP sounds in Tokyo. Simply put, if you love quality music, there is no alternative.

Come celebrate NYE like never before at one of the most unique and renowned venues in Tokyo! We promise to make your countdown to 2019 unforgettable with incredible decorations, international DJs, and special performances!

Follow the White Rabbit and prepare yourself for the wildest NYE Countdown to 2019 in Tokyo.


…and more


開催日時:2018年12月31日 (月)
会場:TRUMP ROOM  東京都 渋谷区 神南1-12-14 星ビル301
時間: 21:00〜29:00

Presale 前売 / Facebook Guest Price ゲスト入場料:2500円 +1D

Door Price / 通常入場料:3000円

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