Animitas-さざめく亡霊たち クリスチャン・ボルタンスキー_東京都庭園美術館_EXHIBITION
Christian Boltanski...

Animitas-さざめく亡霊たち クリスチャン・ボルタンスキー_東京都庭園美術館_EXHIBITION

Christian Boltanski (Paris, 1944) started his career creating video and other works of an experimental and performative character. Throughout his career, he has been reviving memories filtered out in the course of history, presenting the lives (existences) and deaths (extinctions) of anonymous individuals and of groups whose history is fading.

This exhibition, Animitas — Les âmes qui murmurent (Souls who murmur), is Boltanski’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo. It is being held in the former residence of Prince Asaka, a building whose history was formed during a period of significant turning points and one filled with memories of those who once resided here or visited the residence. In the dancing shadows, in the anony-mous gazes, in the hundreds of wind chimes playing faint tones in a land far away, and in the quiet voices, the animitas, the souls manifest themselves.

source: Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum




会期:2016年9月22日(木・祝)– 12月25日(日)
開館時間:午前10時~午後6時(入館は閉館の30分前まで。11月25日、26日 、27日は午後8時まで)
※上記観覧料で「アール・デコの花弁  旧朝香宮邸の室内空間」展もご覧いただけます。

source: 東京都庭園美術館

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